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"you do what I say" (but is anyone really even listening?)

Just when you thought our government couldn’t get any more meddlesome, we are all reminded that the US is like a heroin addict when it comes to sticking their nose in other peoples business and telling the rest of the world what it can and can’t do. In a letter signed by our most high profile former military servicemen turned senators, John McCain and John Kerry jointly scold China about the ongoing naval incidents in the South China Sea. Letter to China

“We are concerned that a series of naval incidents in recent months has raised tensions in the region,”

“If appropriate steps are not taken to calm the situation, future incidents could escalate, jeopardising the vital national interests of the United States.

Its called the South China Sea Mr McCain and Mr Kerry. Not the East United States Sea.  I realize because we spend 750bn per year on our defense budget and that we maintain 150 military bases around the world that we think its our god given right to tell everyone what to do and claim everywhere as being vital to our national interest but we have this thing called a debt problem and biting the hand that our country has become so reliant on to buy US treasuries thus feeding our insatiable appetite for spending more then when earn is, well FCKING STUPID.