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I’ll be damn….They continue to pull out all the stops. I mean, nothing really surprises me with our federal government at this point. I see no reason why we shouldn’t expect them to push this through and eventually take complete control of our lives, ultimately deciding where and when we can eat, shyt and sleep. Have an opinion or desire to speak freely? Shut the fck up. Denied.  Want to own a gun? Illegal. I can go on and on here but there are 25 more amendments and this would get long winded.

So lets get this right????? 6 Republicans, 6 Democrats and the President have complete control over the legislative process? are you kidding me? Whats the point of America, the constitution, voting and even calling ourselves a democracy? Totalitarianism is not democracy. its somewhere in between communism and Facism. Democracy is a government of, by and for the people; not by a special group of Narcissistic Liars.

As a joint committee – there are no constraints. They can look at any program we have in government, any program … It has the ability to look at everything, according to Harry Reid on the Senate floor

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The Super Congress, on the other hand, has already been exposed as a completely unconstitutional body that will remove the ability for anyone to filibuster a bill or amend it in any way. This gives 13 people the unprecedented power to push through any legislation without a single amendment.

The larger question that looms over this entire issue is: what can they not pass?

Unfortunately for everyone in America, and the world for that matter, this Super Congress would have literally no limitations whatsoever. Every single controversial bill that has been filibustered or voted out could be pushed through. Let your imagination run wild, although be warned it likely won’t lead anywhere pretty.

If you live in the United States, you have the duty to contact everyone you know and inform them about this issue. We need to build a massive grassroots movement that will inundate our representatives 24/7 with the call to never allow this to be put into law. We must stop this before it is passed or else it will be too late and whatever shred of freedom we had left will be lost for good.