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and why you should care. I highly recommend you read this article by Peter Coy at Bloomberg News. Its fair, balanced and written in a way that all of us can easily understand..I assure you getting an understanding of how serious our Debt issues are is going to be an important step in protecting whatever wealth you have left. From here on out this is going to watch an indictment by the world on US Fiscal and Monetary Policy in terms of where capital flows to. call me a  broken record. call me too negative. I own GOLD and SILVER in physical form and I own them in size. I can assure you the US Dollar is on its way to oblivion and currency depreciation/loss of purchasing power is the single most painful invisible tax that a country can inflict on its people. like a train pulling away from the station, the gears are shifting into Overdrive.

Now, I realize most people would rather look the other way but spend 5 minutes reading this. If you can sit through the first 2 episodes of Entourage which were absolutely terrible(seriously why does anyone care about that midget and his hot girlfriend—sorry but won’t be sad to see it end), or have spare time now the Bachelorette season finale was last night or even have empty air time on your boob tube now that our telemprompter president and the rest of the clowns in washington won’t be clogging up the TV as the great the political theater  has come to a predictable and painful end(No REAL hard choices were made once again as the clowns got plenty of air time), then its atleast getting to know what they fought for(NOTHING–in the real scheme of things) and what the real issues that lie ahead of us that they fought against(long term liabilities of up to 211 TRILLION)—-> not a TYPO.