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its important to look for the canary in the coal mine when it feels the worst.

GOLD:  +$54 or 3.3%  @ 1718

Silver: +70c or 1.8% @ $39.03

this is the beginning, not end. Both of the above are becoming forms of sound money, not jewelry, not relics, and not stupid metals you can’t eat. I will repeat over and over and over again. this is a currency crisis. these central banks will continue printing until you shut them down. its all they know how to do. the fiat money or paper currency experience is coming to and end and the only way to protect is by having the above.

Washington can finger point all they want but until they understand the issue, we are all doomed. This fear will end, the Fed will initiate QE3, stocks and stupid worthless assets will go up again but so will tangible and real resources and real money in dollar terms as well. if you dont know what that means and want to know call me. or better yet call my bullion dealer under the bullion tab at the top. he can help you.