I’ll be offline for a little while after I head out late tomorrow morning(wed. aug 10) to get my tonsils removed. {enter smart ass comment….now}

  • what are you 12 pokes?
  • what do you have a drug problem dude?
  • are you getting tons of infections?
  • is this cause you sleep like you have demons coming out of your chest?

The answer is all of the above. well except #2, i would never do that stuff.

since I will hopefully be in a pain free-lucid-comatose-like yet functional enough to pathetically check my blackberry and iPad from time to time due to severe boredom issues, I would like to beg/plea/demand to anyone that plays WORDS with FRIENDS to invite me to a game or two or three….I cannot, I repeat cannot be resigned to hanging out with my mom on the couch while doped up watching reruns of NCIS to infinity because she just loves mark harmon soooo much bc he is sooooo hansome and sexy…(seriously dad–get a job or wear a blazer and act smart or something). I am restless person and I something to bide my time. I’ve already been told watching Lost seasons 2-7 in uninteresting and that she has seen virtually every movie on demand so all that shyt is off the table too. Basically I’m in prison and I need an out as my once cozy Bearcave might just become my own personal abu ghraib for the next 4-7days..

of course none of this is really true except the miserable tonsil part and the ix-nay to Lost season 2-7 and on demand movies….I love my mom and glad she’s here to take care of me from this wretched painful and stupid operation. I expect her to be a little alarmed of the way I think I should be nursed to a pain-free recovery however here is how you can help.

WORDS WITH FRIENDS or any other stupid game.

my handle:  adampoko

DO IT for the Bear.

In the meantime…enjoy the following clip that should make all of us chuckle a little in these ridiculously difficult and volatile times:

E-Trade Baby Loses Everything