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Obviously this is not the exact reason but its a indirect causal effect of the SOON TO BE COMING TO A THEATER near you effects of Austerity measures pushed through by a government on its people. This time it happens to be reaching dangerous levels in London as it enters its 3rd day side by side with the global rout on risk assets. While you may open your broker statement and notice that your holdings are down a whopping 20%, paper losses while temporary painful are nothing compared to slashing promised pension benefits, increased retirement ages, tax increases both on income, bonuses, corporations, sales and luxury goods, the selling off of state assets on the cheap which only means the imminent firing of hundreds of thousands of government workers…Sound like a familiar problem? If not it should. While we grandstand for the next  year so everyone can get elected, I assure you right after the 2012 general election, if not forced sooner you will be seeing the same painful measures implemented here.  Until then, pay attention to the growing police state across america as the goverment, well aware of the impending public disapproval and reaction will be ramping up efforts and preparing for the day that is so inevitable to come.

Looters found ways to justify their actions, Pitts added. “They feel they can rationalise it by targeting big corporations. There is a sense that the companies have lots of money, while they have very little.” Combined with a lack of intervention from police and increasing lawlessness, the combination was explosive: ” [Looters] quickly see that police cannot control the situation, which leads to a sort of adrenalin-fuelled euphoria – suddenly you are in control and there is nothing anyone can do.”

A generation bred on a diet of excessive consumerism and bombarded by advertising had been unleashed, he added. “Where we used to be defined by what we did, now we are defined by what we buy. These big stores are in the business of tempting [the consumer] and then suddenly these people find they can just walk into the shop and have it all.”

Just some of the headlines I have caught:

16,000 police to retake London: PM recalls Parliament as the police lose control of Britain’s streets

  • Prime Minister David Cameron recalls Parliament on Thursday as Government tries to quell uprising
  • ‘Unprecedented’ 16,000 police on duty in London over the next 24 hours as all leave is cancelled
  • Man, 26, shot in Croydon last night dies in hospital
  • England game against Netherlands at Wembley tomorrow called OFF
  • 400% surge in 999 calls on night of violence with 20,800 dialling the emergency services in London
  • Cost of clean-up expected to run into ‘tens of millions’
  • Metropolitan Police use armoured vehicles to push back 150 rioters in Lavender Hill, Clapham
  • ‘There are no plans for the Army to get involved,’ says police chief
  • Three arrested on suspicion of attempted murder of police officer
  • 525 people arrested in total and more than 100 people have been charged
  • Jamie Oliver’s restaurant in Birmingham ransacked by rioters
  • All police cells in London are now FULL
  • Man seriously ill after being shot in Croydon
  • Copycat riots reported in Birmingham, Bristol, Nottingham, Liverpool and Leeds

Oh and for all you Philly people. THIS IS A TEST RUN:

Nutter Sets 9 PM Weekend Curfew For Minors In Center City, University City