Not gonna lie, he goes postal and he nails it right on the head. Nothing, is going to get done in congress while politicians on both sides of the aisle are being bought, funded and held in check by corporations, bankers and special interests. He attacks the root of the ineptness of capitol hill as he identifies the known but never said beltway policy:   THEY WORK FOR THEM—– NOT YOU. 

these shenanigans are all about getting reelected and keeping their jobs by making their main political donors. And as Dylan Ratigan points out in an almost epic rant, there is a very near term way to stop this: Barack Obama. 

He can step up to the plate swinging by channeling Teddy Roosevelt and delcaring the following(Dylan Ratigans words):

I would like him to go to the people of the United States and say People of the United States, your congress is bought. Your congress is incapable of making legislation on healthcare, banking, trade, taxes because if they do it they will lose their political funding and they won’t do it. But I’m the President of the United States and I wont have a country that is run by a bought congress and so I’m not gonna work with a bought congress and try and be Mr. Nice Guy. I’m gonna abandon the bought congress and go to the people like Teddy Roosevelt did and say You’ve got a bought congress and until we get rid of the bought congress which has been Jimmy Williams point about getting MONEY out of politics. And until the president says this is the problem and that he is going to fix it, their is no policy no matter how brilliant i think your idea or your idea is gonna work.

fast fwd to 4:30 mark for about 1min then the 6:30 mark where he goes OFF. Brilliant.

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