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I have to hand it to Michelle Bachman. Good strategy. Bribe voters with free popular music entertainment if people vote for you and claim to be the presidential front runner. So the media when I woke up would make it seem as if Michelle Bachman ran away with the Ames straw poll. She did win, by merely 152 votes which is less the 1% but the mainstream media(MM) would have you believe that Ron Paul didn’t even show. But in the fairness of being political, I must congratulate Mrs. Bachman she did indeed win and deserves to be recognized. Since I spent endless hours on the couch this past weekend recovering from my tonsillectomy, I watched a deluge of political soapbox and hot air. I found it interesting that on friday night that most major affiliates suggested that a Ron Paul victory would discredit the legitimacy of the Ames Straw Poll as the credibility of such a farce would render the process “moot”. Yet I wake up Sunday morning to see the smarter version of Sarah Palin on Meet the Press, cheer leading and dancing her victory as if her road to the Primary is a sure thing, wondering aloud if I am the only person who is not only unimpressed but surprisingly alarmed by how comedic I find her act. She has no ideas and can’t even defend her own comments. I know this isn’t a beauty contest but sure seems like America’s is voting as if this is a reality show and not something far more meaningful and serious.

Mainstream media has never liked Ron Paul and they believe he is completely unelectable? Fortunately WE decide at the end of day and given that MM doesn’t like or want Ron Paul to win it has completely nullified what Iowa told us this weekend. That his campaign is alive and well and that his support is deep.  had anyone else in the straw poll lost by less then 1% it would have been called a tie. But its Ron Paul and should Ron Paul indeed make a run, our kleptocratic government and media, paid for and endorsed by American Troika (better known as financial oligarchs, large multinationals and special interests) know that a Ron Paul victory means the end of their theft of the american people and an abrogation of the establishment and status quo.

Be aware and pay close attention folks, Rick Perry is George Bush with dark hair and is a chartered member of the NeoCon and Global Elites. His platform is solely based on the surprising and impressive economic expansion and low jobless rate in Texas as a result of our countrys burgeoining need for more and more Oil development. Mitt Romney is a failure and Wall Streets wet dream. A private equity partner at Bain Capital, richer then you can ever imagine, most notably infamous for the piece of shyt legislation our telemprompter president plagiarized(and most recently deemed unconstitutional) know as Romneycare…..

Don’t let Mainstream Media kick candidates out of the race without you understanding why. They don’t like him because it means the end of everything and everyone that pays theirs bills. The real end of status quo. Who do you think fills the advertising coffers of MM??? small business owners? farmers? mom&Pop??? No…its the deep pocketed advertising budget of big multinational corps, the financial oligarchs and the special interest who stand to lose everything once America takes back its country and shift the power from the Kleptocracy and back in the hands of its people.