I am going to repeat the most important part of the title. Why? Because sadly as your federal government continues to live in its own fantasy world continuously protecting its powerful friends that re-elect them, certain states are fulfilling their obligation to their citizens and beginning to transition to the regime that is so inevitable.




Now everyone, Please repeat after me as these three words will be commonplace soon enough…….




From King World News:

With gold surging to a new all-time high up over $40 in early trading and nearing the $1,900 level, King World News interviewed the man who spearheaded the Utah Legal Tender Act, which recognizes gold and silver as legal tender in the state of Utah.  This has gained worldwide attention, including days ago an interview with state run China TV.  When asked about the interview with China TV Ivory stated,

“They were curious as to why?  Curious what we thought the impact would be with respect to the federal government?  Obviously on the why we explained to them the very simple example, a silver dollar in 1960 would buy approximately five gallons of gas.  Well, that dollar today won’t buy you one fourth of a gallon of gas, but the silver will nearly fill your tank.”

Ken Ivory continues:

“Then with respect to the federal government, we have about eleven states now that are looking at running the same legislation.  And to the extent that we get the states standing in unison, that sends a very strong political message to Washington that the guardians of the liberty of the people in the states are not going to tolerate any longer the unchecked devaluation of our earnings and savings.”

When asked about the genesis of this Act Ivory responded, “I think it’s a lot of the same things that you deal with everyday Eric.  We’re seeing a federal government $14 trillion in debt, overspending by over $1 trillion+ per year, that’s paying for 57% of the government as we go and pushing 43% off to our children and seeing the devaluation of our currency.  It’s that same idea that we really need to look at something to preserve the purchasing power for our citizens….”

“You know Eric, like everybody else we saw the things that are going on and we wanted to preserve the purchasing power of the earnings and savings of our people of Utah.  So the Utah Legal Tender Act recognizes gold and silver, federal government issued coins as legal tender in Utah.”

Moody’s let the state of Utah know they were the only state in the US they were not going to review because of the fact that Utah was the only state preparing to move forward without federal funds, for them to just disappear.  When asked about this Ivory replied, “Yes, I ran some legislation called, ‘Federal Receipts & Reporting Requirements’ that requires all state agencies to disclose total federal receipts, the percentage it is of their budget and then the important part, what their contingency plan is in the event that federal funds go away in whole or in part.  Moody’s came in and had that bill in hand and said, ‘You’re the only state in the nation preparing for this.'”

This is an extraordinary interview with Ken Ivory.  He even covers his time over in Japan in the mid 1980’s and what the Japanese were saying to him about the United States at that time and much more about gold, silver and the continued push for sound money.  The KWN interview with Ken Ivory is available now and you can listen to it by CLICKING HERE.

Biography from WheresTheLineAmerica.com

KEN IVORY – Utah House of Representatives

Ken Ivory (R-UT, District 47) was elected to the Utah House of Representatives in November of 2010. However, Ken campaigned as a candidate of the “Dad Party.” Ken and his wife, Becky (a middle school teacher) are the parents of four children.

Given the daunting challenges that face the state and the nation, Ken took time from his business, mediation, and estate planning law practice to run for state office in order to “secure the blessings of liberty” to his posterity. Ken is a partner with the law firm Ivory Law, P.C. in West Jordan, Utah.

He previously served as general counsel for a publicly traded Japanese company and for the Japan Olympic Team during the 2002 Winter Olympic Games, as well as coordinator of international relations in the Mayor Office of the City of Osaka, Japan. Ken has served as chairman of the Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce, president of the Sandy Rotary Club, and is a member of the Sandy Police Honorary Colonels Association.

Other articles he has written include: “More Like Us (Revisited),” “I Commit . . . Restoring the Balance of Power,” and “Washington: Are They Drunk or Just Stoned?”