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Hat tip to my buddy mike koss for sending me the link to vote.

A post-debate poll shown on MSNBC.com reveals Ron Paul to be the landslide winner of the internet survey, capturing 49.5% of the votes on the question, “Who do you think won the Republican debate at the Reagan library?” The next closest candidate, Mitt Romney, received just 17.5% of the votes, or almost exactly 1/3rd the number of votes received by Ron Paul. You might expect Mitt Romney’s graph bar, therefore, to be 1/3rd the size of Ron Paul’s right? Nope. These poll results, it turns out, have been radically distorted to diminish the apparent lead of Ron Paul in the poll. Look at the bar for Rick Perry(who assaulted Paul during the debate- scroll down for that) for fcking crying out loud. He got 14.6% of the votes and on the stupid graph makes him look like he got well over half as many votes as Paul and showed a close 3rd place. What a bunch of garbage.

Do these shenanigans really matter? Yes and No…..since most of America was catching up on their DVR and watching the two worst shows on TV last night Entourage and Jersey Shore instead of watching, I hardly expect that they even so much as cared to see how baseless, thoughtless and without substance all these other candidates were. Furthermore, it was quite obvious that the debate was focused solely on what Perry and Romney had to say as even more noticeably, Ron Paul was for the most part ignored last night, however when give a chance to talk, he absolutely provided clear and confident answers and the same consistent message. But the truth is, if mainstream media even gave this guy a decent chance of accurately being represented as credible he might just have a shot at not only securing the GOP nomination but easily routing the 2012 presidential election…but given the ridiculous lies, half truths and games they play, sadly we will most likely get another rich wall street prick or global elite as the great hope in replacing our lost cause for POTUS.

Oh and if you were wondering how Rick Perry felt about being absolutely crushed…scroll down.


During a commercial break at the NBC republican debate Rick Perry assaulted Ron Paul. Rumors at the debate centered around Ron Paul mentioning Perry’s previous support of “Hillary Care” and Pauls habit of calling out Perry’s democratic past…

If I know one thing, Ron Paul supporters will not let this go………..