So why I am starting a blog???

Besides the fact that I have probably annoyed the hell out of almost 90% of the people I am friends with on Facebook, honestly I don’t really know….It seems like a lot of work and a long road ahead and I suppose far easier for me to not care about anyone other then my immediate family and friends. But as many of you know me well, my nature is to care in general about anyone and everyone who is open minded enough to listen….

I often find myself in casual conversation sharing the stories I come across on a daily basis  that are no longer picked up by mainstream media and routinely get blank looks and stares, even from my closest friends, who question the validity of what I tell them and treat me like I am bat shyt crazy(which is ironic because I think to myself, I am normal and everyone else is bat shyt crazy)…..It almost seems to me, absent whats going on in Jersey Shore or Real Housewives of wherever, no one either cares anymore about what is happening to the world, our country, our personal liberties and most importantly our way of life or the information simply isn’t there for them to know. I am banking on the latter and that’s why I am doing this. Obviously you can all choose to read as little or as much that is published here and you can agree or disagree with the content and your feedback or opinions will always be welcomed and likely debated…

So what’s this blog all about?

This blog will be about knowledge. I plan on focusing on politics, current events, civil liberties, the upcoming election, natural disasters, the ongoing Sovereign debt crisis, and most importantly Gold & Silver. I’ll post writings from contributors I think add value and I’ll offer my two sense on ways to think about the future and what steps you can take to be prepared. In most cases, a lot of the content on this blog will be under reported or purposefully unreported news by the mainstream media or things you don’t want to hear.  Perhaps NONE of this is of any interest to you and that is totally fine you don’t have to follow or perhaps as you continue to read and follow me some of the information will seem outside your comfort zone or impossible to believe.  All I want to do is provide a medium that provides information for anyone who is interested, so they can think freely, do your own digging and fact checking and draw your own conclusions. I assure you now, I’m not asking you to believe what I believe or agree with everything I say, the information will be here at your finger tips for anyone that wants it  and what you do with it is entirely up to you..

So what can you expect:

My goal is to hopefully create a medium of exchange that provides under reported, yet reliable information that I don’t think you are getting anywhere else. My hope is that it sparks discussion and debate and brings truth to the forefront. I expect controversy at times and lots of passion along the way.  You may not buy into it or believe everything you read and that is your business however I want you to know that everything I post up here will be things that I truly believe in and think can happen and will affect our lives. I believe I have a wealth of information to share and those of you that know me well, know that when it comes to these topics in particular I am very passionate and serious. I’ve had the opportunity for the past 9 years to be blessed with a wonderful job that has given me access to a wealth of news and information on a daily basis, the good fortune to work and interact with some of the brightest and forward thinking people I could ever imagine and most importantly I have me;  a cynical and open minded kid from some middle class town in Maryland who simply wants to seek truth at all costs and help anyone he can.

I do believe that some very difficult times are ahead of us. Change is a coming and its coming fast…What that means for any of us is really hard to say. We have grown up and enjoyed the good times of the debt super cycle of the past 25years and sadly the exponential increase in liabilities outstanding in the private, household and especially public domain are completely unsustainable in its current form. Our government has gotten too big and our budget deficit and debt outstanding on the federal level have ballooned to astronomical proportions when you include social security, Medicaid and medicare(85 trillion). Tough choices, sacrifices and pain will be necessary to avoid even more severe consequences further down the road as cuts are coming in government expenditures, entitlements and services that we all rely on. Taxes are going up, disposable income is decreasing and things we need on a daily basis to live like food and energy are going to cost more as a result of our inflationary monetary policies. We will all be effected differently depending on our unique situations and hopefully as long as we are armed with information and knowledge we can navigate the upcoming challenges as best as possible together.

So that’s where I am coming from in a nutshell.  Will I accomplish what I am setting out for by starting this blog?  Who knows… However, as long as you are willing to invite me in to your every day readings….maybe just maybe I can get a few people around me to open their eyes, ask questions, challenge status quo and even become a little cynical like me..
Thanks to all that have taken the time to read this and I look forward to whatever this becomes…………….


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